How Do You Find Catering Staff?

Jul 7, 2017 8:47:59 AM / by Noah Carson

How Do You Source Catering Staff?


Free Job Search Engines: Platforms such as Indeed and Monster allow jobs from all industries and locations to be placed on their respective sites. These sites generate a lot of traffic from both employers and potential employees. Due to the high volume of participants, these sites are useful for finding jobs but can turn out to be unreliable and time consuming due to duplicate / outdated postings.

Word Of Mouth / Referrals:  A common phrase that is thrown around is “ It's who you know, not what you know” and sometimes that can be true. It is very common to hire family members. family friends, and even friends of friends simply because of a good word or a referral. When an employer wants to source catering staff , one should look for catering staff professionals instead of hiring their friends, family, or friends of friends.  

Speciality Catering Staffing Firms: Niche catering staffing firms such as At Your Service - Boston and CaterMePro allow employers to source catering staff in a very specific way. These services provide only provide professional catering staff in order to vet and provide the most experienced servers for any event.  These firms usually squash the question of "how do you find catering staff?"

Local Advertising: Some employers may still use old school methods such as print advertisements in local newspapers and clippings to local job boards. These methods are slow and unreliable when planning to hire for a scheduled event.  


Where Will You Find Your Staff? 

Guide To Sourcing Your Catering Staff!



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