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 The Company & Team

CaterMePro is a catering staffing company that gives an extra pair of hands (or however many you might need!) to any catering service or restaurant that needs it.  

My name is Noah and I have been in the food industry for almost 12 years. I have spoken to countless catering companies and restaurants that have conveyed how finding reliable staff for events can be a headache. There are plenty of people in the food serving industry and plenty of events taking place throughout the year. Thats when I thought, how could we connect people willing to cater and those in need of people to cater? Thats when I thought of CaterMePro. 



Hi. I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.

Sarah Barton


My name is Sarah Barton and I opened my own restaurant when I was 28. Prior to that, I spent about 5 years in the catering business working 60 hour weeks to fill all the shifts my co-workers woud drop or not pick up. The staff was always rotating around me as the hours were usually way too long. When I began to introduce catering to my restraurant, I found myself trying to do too much without help. Thats when I met Noah and we realized there had to be a way to find happy enthusastic catering staff for all types of events. It took some time, but we founded our own professional catering staffing company, CaterMePro!

"CaterMePro is fun, easy and provides excellent staff for any type of catering event. I would know, I used it to cater events at my first restaurant!"

Noah -CEO CaterMePro, Inc.