Are Seasoned Catering Professionals Impactful?

Jul 8, 2017 11:46:22 AM / by Noah Carson

Food: One of the most important aspects of any catering event is the quality of the food. The preparation and taste of each dish will be remembered by each guest that indulges. However, the transportation of that dish to the guests is a vital and forgotten journey. This transport of food is conducted by seasoned catering professionals that are able to provide insight about each dish.



Guests: Guests usually outnumber catering staff by a ratio  of 8:1 to 25:1. This ratio means that there are much more guests to serve than serving staff which means one cannot be idle. A seasoned catering professional must notice when guests need a refill or have no food in front of them. This type of attentiveness will leave a long lasting impression of professionalism which will make the event enjoyable and memorable.


Appearance: A catering server is the face of the event. They tend to all needs in terms of eating and service. All seasoned catering professionals must keep a professional appearance to ensure a positive experience. A server who has stained clothing, looks unpresentable, or appears unhygienic may seem off putting to guests and make them question the cleanliness of the food, establishment, or silverware. The appearance of a catering professional is vital to ensuring all guests feel comfortable when eating and enjoying a catering event.     




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