Catering Challenges For Restaurants

Jun 23, 2017 9:08:26 AM / by Noah Carson



Size of the Event

A catering event can range from being a small gathering to a large event. The amount of people attending an event usually dictates the amount of food and staff that is needed. However not all things go according to plan when more people show up to an event than expected. This creates chaos for the catering staff who then need to work much harder to compensate for the new number of guests. The size of an event is one of many catering challenges for restaurants. 


Training Catering Staff

A major catering challenge for restaurants is the training of staff.A hosted catering event that is executed to perfection requires tentative, hardworking, and reliable catering staff. Small nuances such as refilling glasses at the perfect time and feeding the hungry guests just as they begin to crave food require staff with a keen eye for service. An accomplished server/waiter has spent years in the foodservice industry and knows how and when to cater to guests.


Unreliable Staff

Unfortunately time and time again, on the day of the big event, staff will call out sick, not show up, or show up late causing a hectic scene when trying to cater an event. This leads to a variety of negative situations. A lack of staff may result in a poor customer experience with guests due to long wait times and lack of guest attention. This poor experience will then portray the catering company in a negative light which may result in a damaged brand. This damaged can lead to losing business and harm reputation.



The qualities below can handle all of these problems!


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