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Need to hire Catering Staff? No Problem.

CaterMePro is centered around providing world class catering staff for all catering events. The issue of having not enough staff is simply not an issue anymore. 

Turning Down Major Catering Events? Why?

Time and time again, catering companies or restaurants turn down events simply because they don't have the man/woman power to execute efficently. By using CaterMePro, a catering staffing service, these organizations will be able to staff for any event no matter how big.
"We knew the restaurant we wanted but they just didn't have the staff. They told us that they would use CaterMePro to add on a few people and we had nothing to worry about. They were right!"

Lilly Anderson Bride, Married in 2016


Is An Employee Unable To Work The Event?

Natural disasters do occur just like employees sometimes cannot work. The headache of scrambling to find someone to cover a shift is long gone. Through CaterMePro, you can find reliable catering staff with little to no notice or even months in advance!

Are you a Restaurant That Caters? Don't Lose Some Of Your Best Waiting Staff During Catering Events!

A restaurant's waiting staff could be argubaly as important as the kitchen staff. Why lose your best waiting staff to catering events while your restaurant is operating? CaterMePro will allow you to keep your best waiting staff at the restraunt with catering professionals running your event!
"I opened my own restaurant at 27 and was so busy, I just couldn't take on the extra workload of catering. I was turning down event after event. Finally, I was informed about CaterMePro. I use them exclusively to cater now and only have to worry about my chef making the food!" 

Kyle Restin BullHorn BBQ